Mandya Milk Union was registered in the year 1987. The Product Dairy, Gejjalagere was then managed by Mysore Dairy.   In the Year 1988 The Product Dairy, Gejjalagere was handed over to Mandya Milk Union.

The philosophy of Union is to eliminate middlemen and organize institutions to be owned and managed by the Milk Producers themselves, employing professionals and to achieve economies of scale to ensure maximum returns to the Milk Producers. 

As a part of long term growth oriented development strategy, the Union is expanding  rapidly by implementing several infrastructure projects and schemes. Union can play an important role in assuring rural prosperity in the lives of our Milk Producers during this millennium.

MANMUL with its headquarters at Gejjalagere has got liquid milk plant of 4 lakh litres  capacity and a powder plant of 18 MT capacity  per day through the assistance of NDDB. It has  two chilling centers  at Nagamangala and KR Pet.  The dairy has a spread  of 47 acres of land at Gejjalagere and 3 acres each at KR Pet and Nagamangala.

MANMUL was a part of Mysore & Tumkur Milk Unions till  1987.  In  1988 Union started marketing about 5,000 litres per day which gradually extended to about 15,000  litres. There came a boon through the advent of milk  marketing  in  Bangalore city  from 1993.  As on March 2018  the  Milk  sales  is about 3.98 lakhs litres per day (2.64 lakhs litres in sachet and 1.34lakhs litres in bulk)